Holiday Home

So we all like to decorate for something right?

Holidays, or just everyday

I love being able to decorate my SL home, especially around Christmas time.

I had 6 rooms to work with (not all made the cut like the bathroom haha)

If only I can enter a contest for it…hmmm…

frontYeah I like a bit of beach like scene =)

Also you always want to have a good welcome mat.

welcome mat

Always want to make the entrance look nice, its the first thing people see coming into your home

The kitchen, I like clean, not too crowded but functional at the same time


Have a treat =)

treatsI love open floor plans cause it allows you to decorate without wall clutteropen floor spaceA small table in or around the kitchen looks great even if its used for all 3 meals!
kitchen tableNow for a holiday add on you can buy a festive table, this one comes with a 6-8 person set up, and it allows you to choose a Thanksgiving and Christmas meal set up. The rug was obtained in a Where’s Waldo hunt a month ago.festive dinnerThe livingroom to me is my pride and joy, I tend to decorate it more cause its the room people spend most of their time in. I cornered my Christmas Tree and made sure it was full of presents, the fireplace I bought for little Linden and its a 2 sided as well. Santa cameMy bedroom is not decorated much Christmas wise other than a small decor present box (if you have to unpack any items you get save the boxes if they look presentable) and my cute sheep from a Christmas gatcha. 3D picture frame deer is from the Christmas hunt in Inspiration Pointbedroom
See anything you like?

Let me know


Inspiration Point Christmas Hunt 2014


So I’m a huge Hunt person, I feel it gives you the chance to actually explore a location while searching for some awesome prizes. This location I found cause I was in a hunting mood and a Christmas mood at the same time, the location is very nice, pretty and lots of snow. When you first land there you are in the middle of the map in what looks like a small market, grab a map hub in one of the few sign locations in the market and begin the hunt, the items you are finding are little white bunnies…in snow (you can see how this will be fun right?) A lot of the bunnies are easy to find while some aren’t.

Wanna join in on the hunt?

Click the map link below

Wondering what some of the prizes are?

Polar Bear Cake

Click a bunny and get this for a prize
Click a bunny and get this for a prize

Elephant Pull Toy

I couldn't help but to love this one.
I couldn’t help but to love this one.

Go ahead and try your luck at the hunt.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hunting!!!

Got a hunt you want me to try? Let me know!!